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  2. If you are looking for a vehicle to rent in Chengdu or surrounding area, you probably want to contact us for a quote, our team has good connections with the local car rental companies, and our drivers drive safely and very experienced.

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This situation applies when you already have your own plan. According to your itinerary, we will match the most suitable vehicles for you. All vehicles are certified tourist vehicles, equipped with professional drivers. Of course, if you need a tour guide, please let us know in advance.

If you have extra baggage, please let us know in advance. In order to ensure the comfort of the entire vehicle, baggage is also considered in our trip planning.


Items included in our vehicle rental service:

1. Vehicle costs: vehicle fuel fee, parking fee, highway toll, vehicle usage fee, city entry fee, congestion charge;

2. Driver's costs: driver service charge, accommodation fee, meal fee;

3. Mineral water in the car (one bottle per person), Tissue.



Recommended number of riders

5-seater vehicle: 3

7-seater vehicle: 4 - 6

10-seater vehicle: 6 - 8

14-seater vehicle: 8 - 10

17-seater vehicle: 10 - 14

20-seater vehicle: 14 - 16


We have many models for you to choose.For more information of vehicle rental,please contact us at :







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