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7 Days Daocheng Yading Overland Tour

  1. Tour Code: CD-DY-07
  2. Highlights of this tour:
  3. 1.Tibetan local customs and traditions.
  4. of the most beautiful places on the Tibetan Plateau.
  5. 3.the paradise for photographer.

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Day1  Chengdu - Xinduqiao


Erlang Mountain(3437m)

Erlang Mountain is the watershed of Qingyi River and Dadu River. It is the dividing line of natural geography, and the first gate of the Sichuan-Tibet Highway. The Erlang Mountain Tunnel is the longest road tunnel in Asia.



Luding Bridge

Luding Bridge is located in Luding County, Sichuan Province. It is a suspension bridge spanning the Dadu River. The bridge deck is built with iron and wood. It was built in the 44th year of Qing Emperor Kangxi and is an important historical monument of the Communist Party of China.




Day2  Xinduqiao - Litang

Today we would climb over several high-altitude mountains: Gaoer Temple Mountain (4412m), Jianziwan Mountain (4659m), Kazila Mountain (4718m).


Maoya Prairie

The Maoya Prairie is located in Litang County. It is a basin surrounded by mountains.In here, the land is flat and the views are extensive, with cattle and sheep flocks. At the beginning of August each year, the horse racing festival in Litang County will be hold in the grassland.




Day3  Litang - Yading

The scenery along the way from Litang to Yading is great, with Haizi Mountain on its way. Afterpassing Daocheng, you would see the Red Grassland.


Red Grassland

Red Grassland is located at Sangdu Town, which is about 28 miles from Daocheng County. Start from September, it will be full of red grass and this scene will last till mid-October. During the golden autumn, the little pond shines brightly in front of the forest. The Red Grassland is actually small; however, it definitely deserves your visit.




Day4  Yading Nature Reserve

Have you ever read the British novel "lost horizion"? It is all about the land we called “Daocheng Yading”, which is one of the most beautiful places on the Tibetan Plateau. The first westerner to see the area of Yading was the famous American botanist and explorer Dr. Joseph Rockand. In 1928, he arrived in Yading and photographed the entire region. In the July 1931 issue of National Geographic, more than 60 pages are dedicated to the writings and photographs of Dr. Rocks travels in this area.

Some people call Daocheng Yading the “Last Pure Land on the Blue Planet”. It’s easy to take breathtaking photos in here, even if you are not professional photographer. Daocheng Yading really deserves its reputation “the paradise for photographer”.




Day5  Yading - Litang

Visit Changqingchunkeer Monastery in Litang and walk around Litang to check out local souvenirs.


Litang Temple

Litang Temple is also known as the Changqingchunkeer Temple. The temple is located on the northern slope of Litang County. It is now the oldest and largest Tibetan Buddhist temple in the Kang District. It is known as the “Hangnan Buddhist Holy Land”.




Day6  Litang - Kangding

Drive directly from Litang to Kangding, visit the Kangding city. Kangding is the capital city of the whole Tibetan area, you can see the modern face of the city along with the traditional Tibetan style.



Day7: Kangding - Chengdu

Drive back to Chengdu and have good rest in your hotel.


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