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5 Days Chengdu,Leshan, Mt. Emei & Dujiangyan,Mt. Qingcheng Tour

  1. Tour Code: CD-ELQD-05
  2. Highlights of this tour:
  3. 1.Experience local snacks.
  4. 2.Sichuan Opera and change face show.
  5. 3.Emei natural hot Spring.

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Day1  Place of departure - Chengdu Airport


Morning flight arrival

It is recommended that you go and visit [Wuhou temple] and [Jinli], as well as the commercial center [Taikoo Li, Chunxi Road].


Noon flight arrival

It is recommended that you go to a hot Pot restaurant to start your spicy journey. After the meal, [Kuanzhai Alley] would be a good place to go. As the only ancient Qing Dynasty street in Chengdu, there are lots of interesting staff to explore - Tea House, Sichuan Opera, Face Changing Show.


Night flight arrival

It is recommended that you go to the nearby bar to experience the nightlife of Chengdu.



Day2  Chengdu - Huanglongxi Town - Leshan Giant Buddha - Emei


Huanglongxi Old Town

Huanglongxi Old Town: about 40 kilometers away from Chengdu, has a history of more than 1,700 years. The snacks of Huanglongxi Old Town are quite famous.



Leshan Giant Buddha

The Leshan Giant Buddha is a statue of Maitreya (a Bodhisattva usually represented as a very stout monk with a broad smile on his face and with his naked breast and paunch exposed to view) in sitting posture. The statue makes itself the most renowned scenic spot in Leshan City. In December, 1996, the location of the Buddha was included by UNESCO on the list of the World Heritage sites. Begun in the year 713 in the Tang Dynasty, and finished in the year 803, the statue took people more than 90 years to carve. During these years, thousands of workers had expended their efforts and wisdom on the project. As the biggest carved stone Buddha in the world, Leshan Giant Buddha is featured in poetry, song and story.




Day3  Emei Mountain


Golden Summit

The Golden Summit is the highest point of Mountain Emei. The golden statue of Puxian Buddha on the Golden Summit is the highest golden Buddha over the world. It is 48m tall and weighs 660 tons. It faces to 10 directions and has 10 heads, every head means a certain wish in buddism. In the Golden Summit, you can watch the four wonders of Emei - sunrise, cloud sea, Buddha light, and holy light.



Wannian Monastery

Wannian Monastery is located halfway up to the Emei Mountain. It is a major monastery on Mt. Emei. It was built in Dongjin Dynasty, the old name was Puxian Monastery. During Ming Dynasty, 1601AD, the monastery was rebuilt and become a very important monastery. There are 3 treasures in this monastery: the teeth of Buddha, the spell of Beiye and the stamp of Ming Empire.




Day4  Emei - Dujiangyan - Mt.Qingcheng - Chengdu



Dujiangyan Irrigation System, was an irrigation project built in 256BC. The system is still working to irrigate Chengdu plain and it’s the actual reason why Chengdu is called as the “Land of Abundance”.The three main parts of Dujiangyan dam including Yuzui, Feishayan, Baopingkou.



Qingcheng Mountain

Qingcheng Mountain is the birthplace of Taoism. There are many Taoist temples in the mountains to explore. Qingcheng Mountain is divided into two parts: Qianshan and Houshan. Qianshan is the place where Taoist cultural relics are placed.




Day5  Chengdu


Wu Hou Temple

Wu Hou Temple is located in the outskirts of Chengdu,initially built in 223AD,now covers an area of 140,000 square meters.It consists of King Liu Bei’s mausoleum, halls memorizing Zhuge Liang and other ministers and generals of Kingdom Shu.In 1961, the State council chose it as a leading preservation entity of cultural relics and a museum was set up in 1984.



Kuanzhai Alley

Kuanzhai Alley is the epitome of old Chengdu, the existing Qing Dynasty ancient street, a lots of Chengdu traditional snacks to explore. There are buildings in the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China, as well as early Western-style buildings. You can taste covered tea, eat authentic Sichuan cuisine, and experience the customs of old Chengdu.


Giant Panda Base

Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding which is not only the most important panda scientific research center, but also dwelling home for more than 100 Giant Pandas. Walk through the bamboo framed paths, and closely observe giant pandas of different ages eating bamboos, playing with each other, tumbling, climbing trees etc. Don’t miss the chance to watch female pandas nursing their cubs in the nursery rooms. There is also a very informative Panda Museum for you to learn more scientific facts about Giant Pandas.


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