4 days Daocheng Yading Tour(By Flight)

  1. Tour Code: CD-DYF-04
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Day1  Daocheng airport - Shangri-La town


Haizi Mountain

Haizi Mountain is located between Litang County and Daocheng County. It is the largest ancient ice body relic on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. There are 1145 different sizes of lake all over the mountain.


Banghe and sela

Banghe and sela are located on the southwest side of Daocheng County. They are the best place to shoot poplar. In the morning/evening, with the sun shines on the poplars of the riverside, with the smoke curling up from kitchen chimneys, you would feel yourself in an oil painting.





Day2 + Day3  Yading Nature Reserve


Yading village

Yading Village is located in the Yading Scenic Area of Daocheng. Many visitors will choose to stay here. The scenery around Yading Village is beautiful. When walking in the village, you can see the snow-capped mountains, the grasslands and cattle and sheep under the mountains. It is also one of the favorite place for photographers.



Chonggu Temple

Chonggu Temple occupied the best geographic location in Yading Natural Reserve. Standing in the front of the temple, look at the blue sky overhead, the yellow-green-interphase meadow underfoot, the snow-covered mountains in the distance, you would feel you are so close to heaven – the god’s world.



Luorong Pasture

In Luorong Pasture, herds of sheep and cows scatter over the grassland, enjoying the great sunshine and pure lake water. Snow peak, forest, pasture, creek, lake, waterfall and wooden house compose a beautiful picture. This pasture is surrounded by the Three Religious holy Mountains, it is one of the most scenic spots in Yading.



Milk Lake and Pearl Lake

Start from Luorong Pasture and proceed along the valley between Chenresig and Jambeyang, you will arrive at the Milk Lake, which is located at the foot of Jambeyang. The lake has many colors, with the mountain’s reflection in, it feels holy and pure. Pass Chonggu Temple and keep walking for about half hour, you will arrive at Pearl Lake. Pearl Lake is hiding behind a small forest, with verdurous water shines quietly under the clear blue sky.



Day4  Daocheng County - Daocheng airport

Daocheng Airport is located in Haizi Mountain Scenic Area in the north of Daocheng County. It has an altitude of 4410 meters and a runway length of 4,200 meters. It is currently the highest civil airport in the world.


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