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4 Days Chengdu City Deep Local Tour

  1. Tour Code: CD-CD-04
  2. Highlights of this tour:
  3. 1.Easy trip.
  4. 2.Local feelings.
  5. 3.Panda, Panda, Panda.

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Chengdu is the capital of Sichuan Province, with a history of more than 2300 years. It is one of the best tourist cities in China and the city of gastronomy named by UNESCO.

Chengdu is the habitat of giant panda, the birthplace of ancient Shu civilization. It is famous for the three Kingdoms culture of Wuhou Temple, the poetry culture of Dufu Caotang, The Buddhist culture of Wenshu Academy, the folk customs of Tianfu old town, the traditional and modern fashion of the Kuanzhai Alley, Jinli, Taikoo li, and Xiling Snow Mountain, "the most warm ski area in the south".

Chengdu is a city of gastronomy. There are more than 6,000 kinds of Sichuan cuisine. Chengdu is also an important tourist center of west China. From here, to the south, you can reach Emei Mountain, Leshan Buddha, Daochengyading, Shangri-la, to the west, you can reach Tibet; to the north, you can reach to Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong.



Day1  Kuanzhai Alley - Wuhou Temple

Arrive in Chengdu, visit the kuanzhai alley, and watch Sichuan Opera performance in the evening.
Visit Wuhou Temple, the cultural resort of the Three Kingdoms, then move to Jinli ancient street to taste Chengdu snacks.




Day2  Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding - Qingyang Palace

Visit giant Panda research base and have close contact with giant panda.
Visit the largest Taoist temple Qingyang palace in Chengdu to learn about Taoist culture.




Day3  Dufu Caotang - Sichuan Museum - Songxian bridge

Visit the Du Fu Cao Tang, the former residence of the great poet, and learn the story of him.
After visiting the Sichuan Museum, move to Songxian bridge antique market to explore more fun.




Day4  People's Park - Sichuan Cuisine Museum

Visit the Chengdu People's Park and practice Tai Chi in the morning, Experience Heming Teahouse's characteristic cover bowl tea at noon.
In the afternoon, visit the Sichuan cuisine museum and Participate in the cooking class, and personally make three typical Sichuan dishes.



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