3 Days Hailuogou Glacier Park Tour

  1. Tour Code: CD-HLG-03
  2. Highlights of this tour:
  3. 1.Big ice falls.
  4. 2.Cableway across the whole glacier.
  5. 3. "Golden Mountain" with sunshine on it (depends on weather).
  6. 4.Virgin forest.

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Located in the Gongga Mountains in western Sichuan, Hailuo Gou is the biggest glacier park in China. Gongga mountains, at the height of 7556 meters above the sea level, called as "the King of the mountains", is the 11th highest mountains in the world and the highest one in Sichuan Province. In Tibetan the word "Gong" means sovereign and the "Ga" means pure white, therefore the Gongga mountains is regarded as holy and pure mountains by local people. It extends for 30.7 kilometers, and has many geologic features, land forms, rare animals and plants. There are endless ice holes, ice lakes, ice mushrooms, ice doors and ice steps that make up a wonderful ice world.



Day1  Chengdu - Mt. Erlang - Hailuogou

Driving from Chengdu and passing through the tunnel of Mt Erlang, we'll arrive at the entrance of Hailuogou National Glacier Forest Park (~280 km). It is a famous old town - Moxi, you may have a walk around the town by yourself, experience the life of local people, go to bars, restaurants or souvenir shops at night. We’ll stay overnight here (altitude: 2000 m).




Day2  Glacier Park one-day tour  

After breakfast, by taking the local bus we can reach the foot of glacier. Then you will need to choose between foot or cable car which take you to the top of the sightseeing stage for the visit.

After glacier, we'll transfer to the No.2 Camp where you can enjoy the absolute natural hot spring. Then we'll transfer to the Moxi town again. Stay Overnight in the town.




Day3  Hailuogou - Chengdu

That’s the end of the tour, hope you enjoy it.

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