3 Days Dagu glacier & Miyaluo Red Leaves Tour

  1. Tour Code: CD-DG-03
  2. Highlights of this tour:
  3. 1.Glacier and Snow Mountain.
  4. 2.Tibetan and Qiang culture(eg: pot dance)and architecture.

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Day1  Chengdu - Dujiangyan - Heishui



This is an irrigation project built in 256BC. The system is still working to irrigate Chengdu plain and it’s the actual reason why Chengdu is called as the “Land of Abundance”. The three main parts of Dujiangyan dam including Yuzui, Feishayan, Baopingkou.


Colorful Tibetan village

This small Tibetan village will give you a strong visual impact with their distinctive colors.




Day2  Dagu glacier - Naizigou - Miyaluo - Guergou


Dagu glacier

"Da Gu" literally means glacier in Tibetan. It is one of the rarely seen mountain glaciers. The top of Dagu Mountain is covered with snow all year round, meanwhile there is also forest, lakes, Tibetan buildings, rare animals (eg: golden monkeys). The Dagu Glacier Park is divided into the Dagu Iceberg Park and the Kalonggou Park. The Dagu Glacier Park is more for glaciers. The Kalonggou Park is more for travertine landscape.




Miyaluo Scenic Area

Miyaluo in Tibetan language means “fun dam”. Every autumn, the leaves turn into bright red and golden yellow, and the scenery become particularly spectacular. In addition to the colorful leaves, the Tibetan and Qiang village hidden in the jungle is another highlight.



Day3  Guergou - Bipenggou - Ganbao Tibetan village - Taoping Qiang village



Bipenggou is an ideal choice to view red leaves. Every autumn from September to October, it is all about bright red. No matter you are hiking or taking a sightseeing car, you will be given a different travel experience. In the winter, you can also enjoy the beautiful snow scene here.


Taoping Qiang village

The Taoping Qiang village is strictly laid out,it is called the mysterious “Oriental Castle” because of its typical Qiang architecture and staggered complex passage structure. The stockade has a history of thousands of years. The buildings are all made of stone and have a good defense function.


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