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1 Day Chengdu City & Panda Base Tour

  1. Tour Code: CD-XM-01
  2. Highlights of this tour:
  3. 1.Have close contact with the Giant Pandas in the Breeding Research Base.
  4. 2.Enjoy a cup of traditional Chinese tea and the special atmosphere of Chengdu.
  5. 3.Experience traditional Chengdu life in Kuanzhai Alley and get yourself some souvenirs.
  6. Let's pace ourselves, stroll down the streets of Chengdu, enjoy the hotpot, covered Tea, chuanchuanxiang. . . . Be a real Sichuan people for one day.

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Sichuan Features • Giant Panda Base

Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding which is not only the most important panda scientific research center, but also dwelling home for more than 100 Giant Pandas. Walk through the bamboo framed paths, and closely observe giant pandas of different ages eating bamboos, playing with each other, tumbling, climbing trees etc. Don’t miss the chance to watch female pandas nursing their cubs in the nursery rooms. There is also a very informative Panda Museum for you to learn more scientific facts about Giant Pandas.




Human landscape • Daci Temple +Taikoo Li

Daci Temple has a history of more than 1600 years. The Tang Dynasty monk Xuanzang (the Tang dynasty in the Journey to the West) was here to be ordained and lectured before he set off to the West.
Next to the temple is the commercial center of Chengdu, the landmark building - Taikoo Li. It brings together a series of international first-line luxury brands, trendy apparel brands, Michelin-starred restaurants and well-known restaurants at home and abroad.




Life taste  Kuanzhai Alley

The epitome of old Chengdu. The existing Qing Dynasty ancient street. A lots of Chengdu traditional snacks to explore.



There are buildings in the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China, as well as early Western-style buildings. You can taste covered tea, eat authentic Sichuan cuisine, and experience the customs of old Chengdu.



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