What is the relationship between Daocheng and Yading? Is it a place or two?



Geographically, Daocheng is a county, Yading is a village, that means Daocheng includes Yading, and Yading is a part of Daocheng. Daocheng Yading in fact refers to all the attractions in the area of the Daocheng County.

To the Yading scenic spot, it will first pass Daocheng County, from Daocheng County to Yading Scenic Area, the road is divided into two sections: The first section is from Daocheng County to Riwa Town (Shangri-La Town), which is 74.3 KM away and takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes to drive.

The second section is from Riwa Town (Shangri-La Town) to Yading Village. You will need to arrive at the Yading Visitor Center (a few minutes’ drive) on the first place, then take 40 mins shuttle to Yading Village.

Daocheng and Yading are two different places, so they have different attractions.




The white pagoda of Daocheng

The white pagoda in Daocheng is the only white pagoda theme park in Kangnan area. It has the meaning of blessing in Tibetan Buddhism and is the landmark of Daocheng. The white pagoda in Daocheng is open and free for all day. It looks very different at night compare to the day.



Red Grass Beach (open through Jul to Oct)

The Red Grass Beach is located in the northwest of Daocheng County, ~28KM away. It is one of the most beautiful spots in Daocheng County, although very small. When the beach is filled of red grass, it looks fabulous with the reflection in the river.



Banghe and Sela

Banghe and Sela are two towns of Daocheng County. They are suitable for watching sunset and night view, and is also the best place to shoot poplar.



Bangpu Temple

Bengpu Temple is the oldest temple in Daocheng and has a history of 900 years. It is a temple of Kagyu Tibetan Buddhism






Chonggu Temple

Chonggu Temple occupied the best geographic location in Yading Natural Reserve. Standing in the front of the temple, enjoy the blue sky overhead, the yellow-green-interphase meadow underfoot, and snow-covered mountains in the distance, you would feel you were so close to heaven – the god’s world.



Milk Lake and Pearl Lake (Dec through the following May  ice age)

Start from Luorong Pasture and proceed along the valley between Xiannairi and Yangmaiyong, you will arrive at the Milk Lake, which is located at the foot of Yangmaiyong. The lake surface has many colors, with the mountain’s reflection in, it looks holy and pure. Pass Chonggu Temple and keep walking for about half hour, you will arrive at Pearl Lake. Pearl Lake is hiding behind a small forest, with verdurous water shines quietly under the clear blue sky.



Luorong Pasture

In Luorong Pasture, herds of sheep and cows scatter over the grassland, enjoying the great sunshine and pure lake water. Snow peak, forest, pasture, creek, lake, waterfall and wooden house compose a beautiful picture. This pasture is surrounded by the Three Religious holy Mountains, it is one of the most scenic spots in Yading.



Five-color Lake (Dec to May -- ice stage)

After Milk Lake, across over a mountain,you would arrive at the five-color lake.It is located between Xiannairi and Yangmaiyong, ~4,600 meters above sea level. The lake is in round shape, with fantastic and varied colors, it is a famous “holy lake” in the Tibetan area.



Three Sacred Mountains

Xiannairi mountain, like a big Buddha.



Yangmaiyong mountain, like a girl.



Xianuoduoji mountain, like a boy.



The three sacred mountains are located in a triangle.