Terms and Conditions



The Terms and Conditions below govern the relationship between our customers and cdpandaman.com. By booking a trip, you agree to abide by following Terms and Conditions. Please be sure to carefully read these terms and make sure you understand and accept these Terms and Conditions.



Email Booking: Please send your request by email to cdpandaman@gmail.com . Upon receiving your booking request, one of cdpandaman.com experienced travel advisors will start to assist you in building a pleasant travel plan according to your special requirements and interests within no more than 1 working day.

On-line Booking: For the tour or program that you decide to book, a Quick Booking or Enquiry Form is needed to fill in with the details such as our clients' full names, the numbers of the travel companions, the approximate travel dates, our clients' nationalities and the email address etc. our trip advisor will reply to you within 24 hours and handle the tour products you have selected from our website.

Upon the receipt of your deposit, which is equivalent to 30% of the full travel payment from you, we'll secure your reservation and process your final booking immediately.

When your booking is confirmed, we will send you a confirmation letter. If any conditions need to be changed after the confirmation, cdpandaman.com reserves the right to make changes and provide you with the similar alternative options.


2.Cancellation and Refund

We would be sorry if you have to cancel your booking or part of your booking, however we understand that the majority do so out of necessity. If you must cancel your trip, please submit your cancellation in written form by email or fax with your signature. Cancellation refunds will be calculated as of the date we receive your written cancellation.

Upon our getting it, you should expect to receive a Cancellation Letter from chinadiscovery.com within 24 hours. If you do not, then please contact us to ensure your letter has been received.

The cancellation charge depends on when we receive your cancellation notice or letter.

More than 30 days

10% of the full payment

30-15 days

20% of the full payment
(as non-refundable deposit)

14-2 days

30% of the full payment


Very Important Notice:

After the trip of your holidays or tours or traveling have commenced, we are unable to refund any amount for unused services due to your early departure, late arrival, or missed days on tours.

For individual hotel reservation, booking could only be confirmed upon the receiving of the payment to cdpandaman.com account number. There will be no refund for any change & cancellation prior to 48 hours before check-in.

We aim to provide your tours as booked, yet we reserve the right to cancel your reservation if we have reasons to believe that your payment condition, health conditions may affect the tour arrangements. We will remind you automatically and continuously about the payment status for the reserved tours by e-mails. We are not responsible for any inconvenience or loss caused by such kind of cancellation.


3.Change Policy

Before your booking is confirmed, alterations to your itinerary are happily processed free of charge, because providing the best tour possible for you is our goal. However, alterations of your itinerary and changes to departure date or destination after you have received your booking confirmation letter from cdpandaman.com may incur related fees above. All changes are subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed. More details can be gained from our travel advisors.

It's our goal not to make any changes to your tour or holiday or traveling itineraries, but due to the unpredictable situations that may happen in traveling places, we sometimes do need to make changes for our arrangements. We reserve the right to modify the itinerary of your tour if flight schedule or ground transportation changes, and/or events beyond our control make such alterations. We may offer you hotel/flight/sightseeing program alternatives in the similar standard if the original service is not available.

And we reserve the right to change or cancel our arrangement due to any event or accidence that beyond our control, such as civil disturbances, terrorist activity, epidemics, health risks, closed or congested airports or ports, hurricanes and other actual or potential severe weather conditions.


4.Travel Document

A valid passport with Chinese visas or permits is required for your traveling. All such documentation is the sole responsibility of yours, though your travel consultant may assist you in applying for the necessary travel documentation upon your request. cdpandaman.com holds no responsibility or liability for your failure to obtain appropriate documentation.



cdpandaman.com highly recommends that you purchase full coverage travel insurance from your country of origin.


6.Luggage Allowance

According to the regulations of the General Administration of Civil Aviation of China, the free baggage allowance within China is 20kg (44pounds) for the economy class, 30kg (66pounds) for the business class, and 40kg (88pounds) for the first class, plus limited carry-on luggage. Excess baggage charges are the sole responsibility of yours.