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About Sichuan China International Travel Service CO.LTD

Sichuan China International Travel Service Co LTD is one of the earliest enterprises in Southwest China to recruit and receive foreigners, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas Chinese to visit China. It has joined PATA (Pacific Asia Travel Association) and IATA (International Air Transport Association) and other international organizations. “China Travel” and “CITS” have become well-known brands at home and abroad. In 1999, they were rated as China's well-known trademarks by the State Trademark Office, and have been registered in more than 60 countries and regions around the world.


Why Travel With Us

1. 100% Tailor-made

"Discover China in your own way". All we want to do is to insure that you can enjoy a wonderful and remarkable China vacation.

Your entire holiday is designed around your requirements, which ensure that you can explore your interests at your own speed.

2. First-hand expert knowledge

Since we are based in China, all of our specialists are familiar with the regions you will be visiting. They can give you the latest advice and news, then help you customize a unique China tour. Make the most of your time and budget.

3. Fully Protected

From the first inquiry to the end of your vacation, your safety, privacy will be fully protected by us.We buy travel insurance for every our guest. We enable 1-on-1 service to ensure you can reach us all the time.

4. Transportation

Safe and clean! We do handle with all your transfers and transportation in China. With our comfortable and safe private transportation, your tour will be more relaxing and less tiresome, keeping you in the best spirits to make the most of your experience in China. In every China destination visited, your vehicle is air conditioned, clean, and expertly maintained. Your private driver is licensed, insured, and very experienced.


About cdpandaman.com

CDpandaman.com is a comprehensive online China travel agency. We specialize in offering classic SouthwesternChina Featured Travel Packages, tours of Western Sichuan Plateau, and theme tours to all our friends who want to discover the real Western China. Our online team constantly works at building a fully user-friendly, well-structured website where users can find specific tours and travel information quickly. Offline, we have a professional sales team who expertise at exploringSouthwestern China in the best and most economical way. With their help, our clients can reach every corner of Southwestern Chinaon a well-planned and economical tour.