The Alps in Sichuan - Hailuogou



You don’t know the beauty of Sichuan if you have never been to Ganzi State

You don’t understand the soul of Ganzi if you have never been to Hailuogou




Hailuogou is more than 300 kilometers away from Chengdu, it is one of the only remaining low-altitude glaciers in the world.

Hailuogou was rated as the most beautiful tourist destination in winterin China, it is also the most beautiful place in China judged  

by <China National Geographic>.



What kind of place Hailuogou is?

The only “glacier forest park” in China

“National AAAAA Level Scenic Spot”

“National Scenic Area”

“National Nature Reserve”

“National Geopark”



As long as taking about watching snow flakes while soakingin hotspring, half of people will think of Changbai Mountain, and the rest half will think of Hailuogou.



The Hailuogou Big Ice Waterfall is larger than the Huangguoshu Waterfall. It is about 14 kilometers long and 1100 meters wide. From more than 2,000 meters to more than 6,000 meters above sea level, 70 square kilometers of forest have been covered with a layer of snow-white yarn. This is the original forest of Hailuogou in winter.



The Redstone is one of the rarest species that nature has given to the Gongga Mountain region. Even if covered with a layer of snow, the red color cannot be hidden.



When you come to Hailuogou, the most pleasant thing is to enjoy the snow while soaking in the hot spring . Hope you enjoy the magical feeling~~