A reason to come to Chengdu -“Eastern Memory Park”


If you ask me what are there in Chengdu for visitors:


Good food,such as hot pot, kebabs, bobo chicken...

Nice scenery, such as Jinli, Kuanzhai Alley, Jiuyan Bridge, Wuhou Temple...

Panda Baby…

Yulin Road's Bistro…

And, there is another place called "EasternMemory Park"



The Eastern Memory Park of Chengdu is similar to the 798 Art District in Beijing. It is a music park transformed from old buildings in the Soviet period. It was built on the site of the Hongguang Electronic Tube Factory, which is full of office buildings,red brick factories, locomotives and rails.



There are many singers with guitars on the central avenue of the Eastern Memory Park. They sing their stories, joys and sorrows, their presence brings a unique musical experience to the Park.



In the Park, there are also music and cultural experience venues led by major music companies. The 2,500-square-meters art center holds a variety of musical performances and art exhibitions every year.



The scenes of the park are particularly suitable for photography. Nostalgic film-style photos, weddingphotos… Great pic come from anywhere in this interesting place.



There is a Locomotive Square in the Park. There are the first batch of steam locomotives in Sichuan and two green leather carriages. The green leather compartment is actually a coffee shop, which is great for taking a short rest.



The Eastern Memory is mainly to restore the original appearance of the industrial base, and reproduces the glory and vicissitudes of it in the last century.